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  • Now - One version- One price! - Now only $59!!
    Upgrade from previous versions for only $39!! (including DotNet and Standard Edition owners)
    Now, everyone can enjoy this great tool! Plus, now, there is only ONE version, which includes HTML/Classic ASP and ASP.Net!
  • August Wind Software has now released Version 5.1
    • Now, with :
    • Works fully with Windows 7
    • Works fully with Windows 8.1
    • Many new ASP.Net Assistants (DetailsView/GridView/Wizard, etc)
    • Expanded, much better FTP capabilities
    • Great new user defined 'Look and Feel' features
    • Choose your own, most used filetypes for Open and Save dialogs
    • Database Solution Generator (See a Video, from the 'Learning ASP Express' series', to see how it works!)
      Probably the most powerful feature of all - create Total Database Solutions with great ease (Listing page, Edit/Update, Delete and Add pages in either ASP or ASP.Net! (There are generators just like this on the market today for over $100 more than the price of this entire application!)
      Works with MS Access, SQL 2000, SQL Express
    • Table Profiles Save the look and feel of your tables into multiple profiles - recall them whenever you wish!
      (Available in Solution Generator and Table Assistant also)
    • Save Database Connections
      Database connections in the Data Server window are now stored for later use and much easier access
    • Check out other new features

  • New Learn ASP Express section launched!

  • ASP Express/AugustWind Forums Launched!

  • General Discussion/questions/Features/Bug Reports/FAQ now can be accessed in the Forum area.
    Just click here to go to the forums
ASP.Net Users - -
Tired of Solution-Only based coding?
Want an alternative to Code-Behind?
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ASP Express:
Number One!The FIRST Editor with :
Email Assistant (both Classic ASP and ASP.Net)!
ADO Connection Assistant!
HTML Input Form Builder - Directly from your table
SQL statement builder!
ASP Hit Counter Assistant!
Solution Generator (View/Insert/Edit/Delete)
The FIRST ASP/HTML/ASP.Net InlineText Editor!!
The Un-Changer (ASP Express never changes your code)
We Always give you what you want and need.
ASP Express - - Always First - Always Best
"...It's likely to become the default (ASP) editor...." -- PCPlus Magazine
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